Welcome to The Walking Fool’s Blog…..

The purpose of this blog is to provide information to walking fools like us who are always looking for interesting places to walk.  It is especially created to help find suitable places to walking during the miserable winter months in Michigan when it is too cold, snowy, and dangerous to walk outside.  I am planning to give my impressions, experiences and facts that I have obtained from the places we have walked.  Feel free to add your own places, facts, experiences and impressions.

Enjoy your walking, you walking fools!


Record Snowfall This Winter!

Record Snowfall This Winter!Snow Piles on March 2, 2014

This winter has been the second snowiest on record.  So far this winter we have had approximately 83 inches of snow.  As of this date, there is about 15-18″ of snow on the ground.  The average temperature has been below normal for the last 3 months, at about 21 degrees F.  All this snow and cold weather has made it very difficult to get an serious walking done outside this winter.  Everyone is really getting anxious for Spring to arrive!


2nd Big Snow of the Winter

After having about a week of relatively mild weather for February, we got shocked back into winter with 7 – 9 inches of snow today.  We ventured out with our new Yaktrax Pro grippers for a 2 mile walk.  Check out Walking Gear to read my impressions of the Yaktrax Pro.  We found it easier to walk in the street since many walks were not cleared and plowing through the snow is really tiring.

Biggest Snow Storm of the Season

Tuesday was the start of the snow storm.  It didn’t seem to smart to drive to the mall and risk an accident and get stuck in traffic, so we braved the storm.  We strapped on the grippers, hats, scarves, and gloves to blaze a trail through the neighborhood.  At the time we headed out, there was about 4 inches on the ground and none of the walks were cleared off.  We toughed it out for over 2 miles as the snow was beating against our faces.  We almost made it home, when Sandee lost her footing and landed on her rear.  Thankfully, she was OK, but her pride was a little broken.  I now have the Yaktrax Pro on order and will let you know how they compare to the Stableicers. The snow storm ended Wednesday morning, with a total of about 6-8 inches.

Adjusted Mileage and Tested Grippers

Last two days were combined walking outdoors and some at 12 Oaks Mall.  After recalibrating the pedometer last week I made new measurement of the distance around each floor of the mall.  Go to Places to Walk tab to see updated mileage.  With the walk outside, we got to test out our new grippers, even though it wasn’t the best test conditions.  The walks were slightly snow covered and there was some icy spots hidding under the snow.  See the tab Walking Gear for info on the grippers.

Warmest Day so far this Year!

The temperature seemed almost spring like today (well March anyway).  The thermometer was reading 48 degrees while we were driving to the mall.  Yes, you heard correct.  Walking inside on such a balmy day.  Actually, it was kind of rainy and it looked like it was going to pour.  I needed to check the distance around Westland Mall so that was where we went for about 4 laps.  Look at the page “Places to Walk” to get the low down on Westland.  Still haven’t had a need to test out the crippers, which is fine with us.

Garmin Connect – Activity Details for Neighboorhood Walk Jan 18th

We went for a 2.06 mile walk around the neighborhood today.  Walks were dry except in a few places so no need for the grippers.  I compared the Garmin Forerunner GPS with the pedometer and found that the pedometer is over recording the distance walked.  I am assuming that the GPS is the more accurate device.  To make the correction in the stride length I reduced the stride to 83 percent of where it was set.  Once I confirm that the pedometer and GPS are reading the same distance, I will correct the mall distances that I have recorded.  Details of the walk can be viewed at:   Garmin Connect – Activity Details for Neighboorhood Walk Jan 18th.

What Happened to Livonia Mall?……

After dinner tonight we thought it would be fun to head off to an old mall we hadn’t been to in years for a quick walk.  What a surprise when we pulled into the Sears parking lot and saw the rest of the mall was gone.  I think the last time we were there, Crowley’s was still in business.  Here is the scoop on the mall in case your interested:


Fortunately it was a short drive over to the Laurel Park Place where we got 3 laps in.  With that and our walking at the grocery store, we got over 10,000 steps for the day.  Our grippers, for walking on the ice came today.  Once we test them out I will give a report in the Walking Gear page.